Aleo Name Service (ANS), a protocol and program definition designed to resolve short, human-readable names to service and resource identifiers on the Aleo network.

ANS aims to simplify the interaction with Aleo's resources by allowing memorable and updatable human-readable identifiers.

It supports public and private domain names, each serving distinct use cases and privacy needs.

The goal of public domain names is to provide stable, human-readable identifiers that can be used to specify network resources. In this way, users can enter a memorable string, such as ‘snowtiger.ans’ or ‘wallet.leo’, and be directed to the appropriate resource.

For a private domain name, users can transfer Aleo Credits(ACs) to a ANS domain, and the holder can claim the ACs without let others know the real aleo address.

You can try ANS out for yourself now by using the ANS Manager App

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